Fun Examples!

Zoar Stitchery teamed up with Inspirations Clothing & Resale Shop during Bolivar’s Strawberry Festival for a fantastic Fashion Show! Many of the outfits were made from repurposed materials – t-shirts – wedding gowns – bridesmaids gowns… the kids were awesome, as you can see from these photos!

Zoar Stitchery skirt
A Zoar Stitchery Design!
Zoar Sitchery repurposed and re-used!
A Zoar Stitchery Design!
Zoar Stitchery's pretty in purple
A Zoar Stitchery Design!
Repurposed wedding gowns by Zoar Stitchery
A Zoar Stitchery Design!
Fashion Show Fun
Fashion Show Fun!
Fashion show for two
Fashion Show Couple
Zoar Stitchery at the fashion show
Fashion Show triplets